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mandag 19 jun 17

Transport Summit 2018 - sign up now

The date for our 2018 event has already been set for May 31 May 2018.

If you want to join us for another day of exhibiting and discussing what is new in the amazing intersection of transport research, innovation and technology – you can already sign up for the event here

Researchers, students, companies, public and private organizations met on May 31 2017, when the 2nd Transport Summit was held at DTU. Once again it was a great success unifying 365 visitors from a wide area of industries and affiliations to debate the many aspects of transport that Transport DTU is engaged in. 

The summit was opened by Professor Otto Anker Nielsen, who painted a snapshot of the participants representing public sector, private companies, academia as well as the current batch of DTU students. He introduced the many-sided programme consisting of keynotes from leading international researchers on everything from Smart Mobility to Transport Economics with themes on Next Generation Rail, Maritime and Freight Logistics and also looking at Transport Safety and Electro-Mobility aspects.

During the day a wealth of exhibitors demonstrated the latest innovative modes of transport and other related items. From MIT the inventor Assaf Biderman brought his Copenhagen Wheel sensing e-bike for tryouts. A number of the most modern cars from both Tesla and Mercedes were available for test drives with amazed test-pilots returning to the venue wearing broad smiles. Another popular activity was the Segway-tour of the DTU campus visiting the many Transport DTU research venues.

The researchers shared the results of their many projects in pecha kucha style pitch sessions and in the area with posters. Under the heading Large-Scale Transport Modelling Professor Jeppe Rich presented results from a recent validation exercise of the Danish National Model. The conclusion being that the Large-Scale Transport model, in its current form, is able to reproduce an observed 2015 baseline in its 2015 forecast. Hence, when the model is used with proper input data it produces very accurate forecast. In the Maritime session Professor Harry Bingham showed the digital twin modelling the cyber-ship of the future to ensure lowest possible emissions.

A number of DTU research projects were similarly displayed in the poster-area and include topics like Development of Safe Railway Control Systems, The Commuting Habit Loop, Cell Phones as Urban Sensors and Enforcement of the Global Sulphur Cap in Maritime Transport. All day participants had the opportunity to engage with researchers to get in-depth knowledge of the many projects presented.

Søren Salomo, head of department at DTU Management Engineering, moderated the afternoon session on Autonomous Mobility where the full picture from road infrastructure over in-car technology to mobility-as-a-service was discussed ending with the audience getting engaged in the ethics of the software going into the vehicles themselves. Hard dilemmas on soft issues brought the day to a close.


You can see photos, the programme, presentations and other details from this year’s summit here

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