Reports and notes


Report 10, 2015

Prediction model for travel time variability 

The report is available here 

Report 12, 2015

Documentation of the Danish National Travel Survey (TU)

Description of the Danish National Travel Survey to an extent which is useful for academic and inter-national reference. The report is not intended to cover every aspect or every detail. For further details, please refer either to the appropriate Danish documentation.
This presentation focuses on the present version of TU (2006 onwards).
The report is available here

Phd-thesis 2015

Thomas Kjær Rasmussen:

Traffic assignment models in large-scale applications

The thesis is available here

Phd-thesis 2015

Mikkel Thorhauge:

Departure time choice: Modelling individual preferences, intention and constraints

The thesis is available  here

Phd-thesis 2015

Dereje Fentie Abegaz:

Essays in Transport Economics

The thesis is available here

Phd-thesis 2015

Mette Aa. Knudsen:

Danish long distance travel

A study of Danish travel behaviour and the role of infrequent travel activities

The thesis is available  here



Report 9, 2014

Drivers and limits for transport
Results from research into socio-demographic factors, long distance travel, land use and urban form, determinants of capacity utilization in freight, and the policy implications of research based knowledge
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PhD- 2013 - 04
Drivers of sustainable future mobility: Understanding young people’s travel trends and the mediating factors of individual mobility intentions
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PhD - 2013 - 03
Behavioural Models for Route Choice of Passengers in Multimodal Public Transport Networks
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PhD - 2013 - 02
Quantitative Methods for Assessment of Railway Timetables
Read the Thesis here (7.5 MB)

PhD - 2013 - 01
Facilitating improved road safety based on increased knowledge about driving behaviour and profiling sub-groups of drivers 
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PhD - 2012 - 02
Appraisal of Transport Projects: Assessing Rubustness in Decision Making
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PhD - 2012 - 01
Optimising Transport Decision Making using Customised Decision Models and Decision Conferences
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Note 9, 2012
The effect of extended periodic inspection of passenger cars and vans  
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Note 6, 2012
Cohort analysis of older adults' travel patterns in Denmark  
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Note 5, 2012
Documentation of the Danish National Travel Survey
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