Cross-disciplinary themes

DTU's transport research primarily works with planning of transport systems and with the road users’ use of the system. Our research is targeted on finding solutions for an efficient design of the transport sector in the light of the three principal challenges of the sector, i.e. congestion, emissions of greenhouse gasses and other environmental impacts and traffic safety.

Scientifically, the transport research is placed in the borderland between social sciences and technical science, and our researchers are engineers, economists and psychologists and others.

Our research is focused on understanding the transport system and its utilisation in order to assess the consequences of improvements of the transport system such as infrastructure projects as well as policy instruments and other regulatory initiatives. Statistical analyses and complex mathematical modelling are applied to explain and forecast the traffic and its consequences based on a system approach using comprehensive detailed empirical data. The approaches also include understanding and explaining individual user behaviour, i.e. the users’ optimisation of their transport activities and the infrastructure managers’ optimisation of the capacity utilisation, including the use of intelligent transport systems.