We work primarily with transport planning and the use of transport systems. The goal of our research is to find solutions for an efficient design of the transport sector in the light of its three major challenges: congestion, climate / environmental issues and road safety. 


DTU conducts research and teaching in the field of traffic and transport planning and offers consultancy services to public authorities within infrastructure, socioeconomics, transport policy and traffic safety. DTU also carries out collaboration projects with the business sector on green logistics, demand responsive transport within public transportation, user payment and design of sustainable transportation networks.

The research is done in close relations with our three primary stakeholders: Transport Authorities (consultancy), Students (education) and Transport Businesses (innovation and industrial collaboration).

Our transport researchers are engineers, economists, psychologists and people with other specializations. The many professions offers knowledge in many areas, and provides interdisciplinary research at the highest level. The transport research has a social purpose - and helps create tangible results.

Transport research has focused on understanding the transport system and its applications in order to assess the effects of improvements of infrastructure, policy measures and other regulatory initiatives. This is done in the use of extensive empirical data, statistical analysis and complex mathematical models to explain and predict traffic and its consequences. Part of the scientific approach is to understand and explain individual road user behavior, ie how users optimize their transport activities, including the use of intelligent transport systems (ITS).


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