Public sector consultancy

Public sector consultancy at DTU includes a framework agreement with the Danish Ministry of Transport. It also reaches a wider range of authorities and public organisations such as agencies, regions, municipalities, and transport companies.

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Examines how the agglomeration - defined as the concentration of economic activity, such as when companies and employees are located near each other - effects and is affected by transport projects. And looks into how the effects of agglomeration can be a part of an economic assessment of transport projects.

Behavioural effects - traffic volumes, car ownership, and traffic patterns

How should the analysis of behavioral effects of cars be approached? The political agreement on a green transport policy from January 2009 states that it should be cheaper to buy a new, safe and environmentally friendly car, while the expenses on the daily use of a car should increase - especially if the car pollutes or if the use is in areas and periods of heavy congestion. The Danish Government is set to prepare a decision basis for green road pricing as part of the restructuring of vehicle taxes