DTU's transport researchers offer research-based Public Sector Consultancy on infrastructure, transport economics, transport policy, and transport safety. Likewise, the centre Transport DTU can answer model-related questions about traffic and transport planning.

We primarily offer consultancy to the Ministry of Transport with which we have signed a Contract about Public Sector Consultancy. Furthermore, we offer Public Sector Consultancy to the Ministry of Justice and to the Danish National Police as well as to business organizations. An important part of this service was previously carried out by the Danish Transport Research Institute (DTF), which was part of the Ministry of Transport until the end of 2006 and which is now part of DTU.

One of the regular consultancy tasks is the continuous collection of information on the transport behaviour of the Danes in the Danish National Travel Survey (TU).  TU is managed by the Data- and Model Centre which is creating a common national basis for data and models within the field of transport.

Furthermore, DTU's transport researchers are members of a number of committees and commissions, including the Accident Investigation Board, the Traffic Safety Board, the Danish Road Standard Committee, the Board of Statistics on Road Traffic Accidents, as well as welfare economic evaluations of transport projects.

In addition, DTU carries out a number of projects for the authorities. Thus, the researchers have contributed with:

  • Forecasts and professional evaluations for the Danish Infrastructure Commission
  • New estimates for the value of time to be used in welfare economic analyses of transport projects
  • Updating of the OTM used for analyses of the Metro Cityring (light rail in Copenhagen)
  • Analysis of the characteristics of drunk drivers
  • Evaluation of the transport safety-related consequences of 130 km/h on highways 


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DTU Management Engineering
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