New Professor at Transport Modelling at DTU Management Engineering

Thursday 06 Apr 17


Jeppe Rich
DTU Management Engineering
+45 45 25 15 36

Download Jeppe Rich's inaugural lecture

The inaugural lecture from March 24 was filmed and is now available for download from the DTU Management podcast channel

You find the link here

On Friday March 24 Professor Jeppe Rich gave his inaugural lecture at DTU. Jeppe Rich is Professor MSO in Large-Scale transport models.

The inaugural lecture reflected Jeppe Rich's research in transport models. The models are used as an instrument to design infrastructure and to support the forming of well thought out transport policies. While the recent decades has increased our understanding of how transport systems works and the increasing computer power has increased our possibilities to implement sophisticated mathematical models, still, many challenges remains.

One of the most pregnant challenges is the introduction of autonomy in the transport system. In the lecture, Jeppe Rich described the current state of play for large-scale transport models and specifically talked about the challenges related to autonomy and describe some of his research that relates to this question.

If you missed the lecture - it is available for download at the DTU Management podcast channel. You find the direct link here.

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